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Discover your best musical self, achieve your goals, and find joy in making music

    Take your musical practice to the next level. Instrumental & Vocal Musical Performances in the most prestigious places.
    exams for students who are interested in receiving the most recognized musical certifications.
    Entering a music competition demonstrates focus, dedication, and taste for challenges - All important traits for college applicants that admission boards consider. Colleges seek students with a passion, and winning music competitions undeniably proves that kind of strong involvement. Every year many of our students get awarded to play at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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When we strive for excellence, we have high standards

  • Collaborate
    We collaborate with diverse perspectives to build a joyful learning community, seek solutions, and inspire each other through play.
  • Play
    We play to discover our own unique processes of learning. Whether playing with ideas, games, or instruments, we engage without the fear of judgment.
  • Engage
    We engage in every aspect of making and sharing music to become better musicians, teachers, and community members. As we commit to pursuing excellence we move forward with creativity.
  • Create
    We create motivating, transformative, and powerful experiences to uncover the deeper meaning in all that we do, which allows us to encourage each other's growth thorough collaboration.

What parents and students have to say

Amrita Manwani

Ms Naomi is a very nice teacher, my daughter has really learnt a lot in the last 2 years. We highly recommend her for kids who are looking for piano lessons

Kishore Voruganti

Hi Everyone, we are very happy to have Ms Naomi as our music teacher. She is so encouraging and always motivates her students to push their limits in doing more than they can do. My child has definitely experienced that and she always wants her students to achieve their goals reach new heights. We are looking forward to work with her in the coming years too

Vasile Cazan

She is a very dedicated, hard working, and talented young pianist. I have observed her artistic development year after year, as well as the maturity of her thought process. She developed an interest in a difficult and varied repertoire as well as an impeccabe piano technique

S. Zoltan

There is enormous amount of work, rehersal, and study behind Naomi’s success. She always sets high objectives, and is determined to achieve them. She brought so much happiness and joy to my life with her music

Jayati Chaudhury (Mother) & Prisha Bhattacharjee (Student)

Ms. Naomi teaches a very thorough curriculum which includes music theory, performance and music appreciation. Ms. Naomi ensures that the fundamentals of the music are mastered. As a parent I am always thrilled when my daughter recognizes a beautiful piece of music when it is played on TV or Radio and she is keen to learn it.

Nivedita Bal

My son has been taking piano lessons with Naomi for the past 4 years since he was just 5 years old. He has shown tremendous growth from loving and playing piano to being a confident performer on stage. He got to perform in Carnegie Hall as a winner of Crescendo International. Thanks to Naomi he is exploring all genres like classical, Bollywood and Rock and Roll.

Some of our best moments

We're online 6 days a week to give you hands-on assistance by live sessions.

Some of our best moments

We're online 6 days a week to give you hands-on assistance by live sessions.